Efficiency Of Sugar Deliveries Heightened By Hydraulic Pumps

Albany Pumps met a stringent specification when Intermol (a Carghill subsidiary) was looking for improved utilisation of molasses road tankers. A one tonne per minute delivery was demanded from the pumps, which also had to meet size and weight constraints.

The type of stainless steel lobe pump previously used would have been too heavy and too expensive in the size to cope with the duty. However, Albany’s 4in branch size HD10 aluminium-bodied gear pump (now known as the GO-HD10 vehicle pump) met all of the customer’s requirements.

The pumps are mounted onto the tankers and hydraulically driven to give pump rates ranging from high, for delivery to bulk storage, to metered dispensing at farms. The efficiency of the Albany solution means that tankers spend less time in the depot and are able to make more deliveries per day. The aluminium used in construction ensures that the pump is light in weight and that the maximum load can be carried.

These GO pumps by Albany are suitable for all types and viscosities of molasses – particularly blackstrap. Portable petrol or diesel engine-driven versions are also regularly supplied.

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