Twin Screw Pumps

Now known as the 'S' range in our updated selection of pumps, Albany Pumps has been making these high speed, quiet-running screw pumps for over 20 years. Our clients in the oil and marine markets have found that Twin Screw Pumps best meet their needs, as they are capable of handling the wide range of viscosities that are often encountered with hydrocarbon liquids - as well as efficiently pumping them at a range of temperatures. Having owned the rights to the successful Stothert & Pitt brand since early 2000, we have significant experience and over the years we have also developed the design to create our own range of cost-effective and modern Albany Twin Screw Pumps.

Why choose a Twin Screw Pump?

As a positive displacement pump, the Twin Screw Pump uses two or more screws to transport fluids along the axis. The excellent suction of Twin Screw Pumps allows for a pulse-free flow, aiding their growth in popularity as the world's appetite for oil grew. The twin screws inside the pump turn interchangeably, allowing for a non-metal contact that creates an even pressure; pushing the liquid cargo constantly and cleanly towards the discharge end of the pump.


These compact pumps are not only quiet in operation, but can also be specified to have great gas handling characteristics. Moreover, our Twin Screw Pumps are hydraulically balanced, allowing for optimum efficiency when pumping oil, fresh sea water and fire foam. With these basic principles in mind, our twin screw pumps can be customised to fit any extra requirements for business use, creating a truly bespoke service.

We manufacture Twin Screw Pumps for many applications and processes, including but not limited to pumping:

  • Crude oil
  • Fuel oil
  • Aviation fuel
  • Bitumen
  • Asphalt
  • Fresh sea water
  • Oily water/slops
  • Flare scrubbing
  • Fire foam injection
  • Line stripping
  • Cargo pumping

Performance of a Twin Screw Pump:

  • Has a capacity of up to 1000m³/hr
  • Pressures go up to generally 25 bar, some to 50 bar
  • Pumps are available with either internal or external bearing configurations
  • Steam heating/water cooling jackets if required
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting