In our 120 years of existence, Albany Pumps have moved a colossal variety of different fluids.  This page gives a guide to some of the fluids we encounter most frequently.

Simply choose a fluid below and click on the 'see pumps' button to see which Albany Pumps will be suitable:

The market for bitumen pumps is very important for Albany.  We have extensive experience of pumping bitumen at every stage of the manufacturing process, from the refinery to the road.

Our GB range of heated gear pumps are ideal for the bitumen market.  They can be heated electrically, with thermal oil or steam.  This is a highly configurable range of pumps with options for speed, gear sizes and materials.  Albany engineers are always available to guide you to get the right pump for your application.

We also supply pumps which can be immersed in the pumped fluid.  These do not require heating.

Albany also supply a simple leak free cartridge seal system.  This is increasingly popular as it helps to eliminate leaks.


Foam concentrate is used all over the world for fire fighting.  Albany manufacture an extensive range of foam concentrate pumps, which includes some models which have German VdS approval.

We also manufacture Pelton Wheel driven pumps.  These use a small proportion of the pumped operate a Pelton Wheel, which drives the gear pump.  We have sophisticated software to consider the volume of water, required volume of foam concentrate and the delivery pressure required in the system, to ensure that the correct size of pump is specified for the task.

We manufacture a new range of pumps, the Albany GF series, which has been designed to pump the latest low viscosity foam concentrates on the market.  Like all of Albany's products, this is a highly configurable range with options for gear size, materials, ports and other aspects to get the right pump for the customer.


Albany Pumps are used for a wide variety of foodstuffs.  We have manufactured many pumps for chocolate, honey, glucose, fats and the oil for donut machines.  These are just examples of where our products have been used.

Experience is needed to get the correct product for the job.  As an example, Chocolate is a sensitive product to pump.  It must not get too hot, as it will be damaged by high temperature.  Albany have supplied jacketed pumps heated with hot water, which can be controlled to the ideal temperature for pumping chocolate.  It can be shear sensitive and Albany have supplied pumps operating at speeds as low as 20 rpm.  It is also surprisingly abrasive.

The GJ series of pumps are ideal for applications such as dispensing chocolate or honey and our lobe pumps are well suited to applications with larger flow rates, especially in the sugar industry.


Many Albany Pumps are used on agricultural feed duties.  Molasses, vegetable oils and soya oils are all examples of the products we are frequently asked to pump.

Molasses is a liquid with a wide variety of uses.  As well as being used for agricultural feeds, it is constituent of rum.  It is ultimately derived from sugar cane.

Many of these products have high viscosities.  The highest viscosity will often come with the black strap type molasses.  Albany often supply larger lobe pumps equipped with steam jackets to maintain the temperature of the fluid and keep the viscosity to acceptable levels.  The heat is often also applied to the pipework in the system, which is always generously proportioned.  Some of these products are also surprisingly abrasive, but Albany have applied pumps to these duties many times and know how to cope.




Lubricating oil is one of Albany's most important fluids.  Albany pumps can be used for transfer duties in refineries, tank farms or for filling retail containers.  Our pumps are also used for pumping lubricating oils in machines, especially gas turbines and large diesel engines.

Albany Gear pumps are used for all of these duties.  Albany Screw pumps are most popular for the larger transfer duties.  Reliability is very important for lubricating machines such as gas turbines and air compressors and many years of trouble free operation is always expected.


A wide variety of different toiletries are the daily task for many different Albany Pumps.  We specialise in the pumps used in bottling machines, which operate incessantly pumping a wide range of different products into the bottles that sit on supermarket and chemists' shelves.  Shampoo, liquid soap, hand sanitiser, cleaners and so many other products are pumped by our dispensing pumps.  The Albany GJ pump is a specialised and highly configurable product for these duties.

When it comes to higher volumes of product, Albany Gear, Lobe and Screw Pumps can all be used for all of these products.

Albany Pumps are used on a huge range of different fuels with widely ranging duties.  Typical fuels will include petrol, diesel, bio-diesel, aviation fuel, Avtur, Jet A1, Kerosene, Ethanol and E85, E10, E5 and too many more to list.

Our pumps are used for dispensing, refueling and transfer.  We might have a large screw pump used for filling railway wagons with fuel or a smaller gear pump used for keeping the tanks on building generators full.  Many pumps in our ranges are used on different fuels.  Gear and screw pumps are frequently used, and we have a long history of supplying centrifugal pumps for aviation fuels.