New Albany GF Range of Foam Concentrate Fire Pumps

The new Abany GE range of foam concentrate external gear pumps has been specifically designed to pump low viscosity foams and water.  These pumps are ideal for customers who want to run their pumps on water for trials or tests, where the cost of foam is prohibitive.  The new design has been on extended test […]

Albany Gear Pump in Firetruck

Albany Pumps the Foam Concentrate in a new Fire Truck

We’ve just received some information and photographs of a new Foam Extinguishing Vehicle built by our customer Desautel at Nievroz, in France. It is one of two for BASF SE’s Ludwigshafen plant. The new vehicles replace two older ones, and aim to significantly improve performance. The new vehicles are more independent and carry a greater […]

Diesel Powered Fire Foam Pump

Diesel Powered Fire Foam Pumps for Africa

Reliability is paramount for the fire services. The use of a diesel powered foam injection pump as a stand by pump is one way of avoiding interruption from power cuts. Albany Pumps have supplied many diesel powered foam concentrate pumps and recently made a pair of such pumps for a contract in Africa, as can […]

Pelton Wheel Driven Foam Concentrate Pump

Albany Think – ‘Fire Protection’

Millions of people pass through airports and never give a thought to the fire fighting equipment. The good news is that Albany have given a lot of thought to the design, manufacture and performance of their GE and GF pumps used on foam concentrate used in fighting aviation fuel fires. When the fuel storage facilities […]

Foam Pump

24 Volt Foam Pumps

The Unipower Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV) was a first response airfield crash, fire and rescue vehicle. It had exceptional performance and could operate in extremes of climate. Unipower of Coventry (formerly Alvis Motors) chose a DC motor-driven Albany GE to pump foam concentrate into the water stream. The RIV is currently in triservice use with […]

Pelton Wheel Pump

Albany Offers Pump Sets For Smaller Fire-Fighting Units

Albany’s GE and GF range of foam concentrate pump sets includes 1/2in and 3/4in, Pelton wheel-driven units. These sizes are designed for lower capacity fire fighting applications, such as equipment for helicopter decks. These water-powered gear pumps will dose fluoroprotein, AFFF or detergent concentrates from drums or bulk into a high pressure water stream. Able […]

Albany ‘Fight’ To Secure Order For Singapore Civil Defence

After fierce competition Albany secured an order from a major Singapore fire fighting & protection equipment specialist. The requirement was for pumps to handle 1400 litres/ minute of fire fighting foam concentrate. Eight relief valve extended bearing pattern Albany GE-HD080 pumps with 4-inch flanged connections and bare drive shafts were supplied for building into skids […]