SC – Internal seal external bearing pumps


The SC style is only suitable for non-abrasive lubricating liquids. The bearings and timing gears are lubricated by the pumped liquid. It has only one mechanical seal making it a lower cost option with clean lubricating liquids. Heating and relief valve options are available.


  • Maximum working pressure 30 barg
  • Pump size range 3" - 10"
  • Flow rate approximately 10-600M3/HR
  • Maximum temperature: 200 degrees Celsius


Our SC range of pumps are typically suited for pumping non-lubricating and low viscosity products.

Technical talk:

  • Fitted with hardened timing gears and locating bearings ensuring no contact between the screws.
  • Shaft stiffness maximised by the screw design
  • Hydraulic balance

To find out more about our SC range of pumps, download our specific technical brochure: