Market Sectors

Having provided positive displacement pumps to a multitude of markets for over 100 years - Bitumen, Marine, Sugar and Fire Fighting to name a few - Albany Pumps' combined expertise and first-hand involvement in each project gives us the cutting edge. We provide customers not only with the knowledge that they are purchasing high-quality solutions, but also that they are in fully capable and experienced hands. We specialise in the design and manufacture of custom pumps for special applications, with the designs and choice of materials needed to make their tasks run efficiently for their operators.

With a diverse team of engineers and sales support available at the end of the phone and online, we ensure our employees have a deep rooted understanding of each and every industry that we work with. Once we have received and agreed specifications with the customer, all pumps are manufactured in-house with our very own manufacturing facilities, including machining, assembly and test. Other services such as pump repairs, testing and spares can also be carried out in-house or on site.

You can be assured that no matter your industry or requirement, Albany Pumps has the right pump range to suit your business. With many different variants of External Gear Pumps, Internal Lobe Pumps, Twin Screw Pumps and Centrifugal pumps in our range to choose from depending on outcome and budget, it can be a challenge to work out which range and style is right for you and our sales staff are ready to help you select the correct pump for your application.