Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of pump do Albany Pumps manufacture?

A: We manufacture External Gear Pumps, Lobe Pumps and Twin Screw Pumps. We also manufacture some specialised Centrifugal Pumps.

Q: What fluids are Albany’s Pumps suitable for?

A: It might be easier to ask what they won’t pump.  We make pumps for a massive range of fluids, from low viscosity such as water or petrol to high viscosity, such as molasses or types of grease. We even pump corrosive fluids with our chemically resistant ranges. Unusual fluids such as liquid sulphur and bitumen are amongst our specialities.

Q: Are all pumps tested before despatch?

A: Yes, every pump is individually tested in our test facility to ensure compliance with the customers’ requirements.

Q: Do Albany sell any pumps under other brand names?

A: Albany has taken over a number of pumps companies throughout its lifetime, including Stothert & Pitt, Barclay Kellett, Stanhope and more. You can find out a bit about each of these names here .

Q: What is the maximum temperature of fluid that can be pumped?

A: We can deliver fluid at up to 220 °C. The hottest fluid we normally see is bitumen.

Q: Do you make special or customised pumps?

A: Yes. We have over 100 years’ experience of making specialised pumps for our customers.  Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your own requirements.

Q: Do Albany export pumps outside the UK?

A: We export world-wide. Have a look at our network of agents here.

Q: What is the largest pump Albany can make?

A: The maximum capacity pump Albany can make is a screw pump delivering 1000m³/hr.

Q: Do Albany Pumps make their products themselves?

A: Yes, we have a factory in Lydney, Gloucestershire which manufactures all of our pumps for use in the UK and around the world.

Q: Do Albany service or repair pumps?

A: Albany has its own service and repair facility for pumps in Bradford. We will service and repair pumps made by other companies as well as our own.

Q: Do Albany paint pumps?

A: Yes, we have our own painting facility. As standard, we use hammer finish blue paint. Albany can also paint pumps in offshore specification paint. Any colours and special paint finishes can be accommodated upon request.

Q: Can I become a distributor or agent for Albany Pumps?

A: We are always pleased to talk to companies that are interested in becoming agents or distributors of our ranges. Don’t hesitate to contact us at to see if we need help in your area.

Q: Are any Albany Pumps available ex-stock?

A: Yes, we have an ex-stock range of pumps which cover many applications. Contact us to see which pumps are available.