At Albany Pumps, we provide comprehensive technical and support resources to help you make the right choice in selecting a pump for your specific requirements. If you can't find what you need, we have a team ready to help - just contact our Customer Services Department on +44 (0) 1594 842 275.

Individual product brochures, installation operation and maintenance manuals and application data are readily available to download below. All these can be supplied in multilingual languages too.

Corporate Brochure

Giving a detailed look at our entire range - and covering our G External Gear Pumps, S Twin Screw Pumps, L Internal Lobe Pumps and C Centrifugal pumps ranges. The new brochure provides insight into the market sectors where we have great experience, explains the Customer Warranties and, in a helpful table on page 24, summarises which pumps are most suitable for which applications.

Technical Brochures

We have a technical brochure available for our varied Pump Ranges, containing general information - however if you can't find what you need, please do contact us and one of our experienced technical experts will help you. Albany Pumps has also introduced a series of technical brochures for each product within its pump ranges. Providing a handy guide to installers and customers, the documents explain the working of each product, its uses and the market sector it is best suitable for. These brochures also include GA and Cross Sectional drawings, Typical or Actual material identification data

Product Manuals

We provide product manuals which include flow rates, that help you quickly understand the product and what markets it can be used for. They also provide best practice when it comes to maintaining the pumps.

Price Lists

The latest information provided in an easy to access style for our wide range of positive displacement pumps. If you have a requirement for which you can't find a price list, please contact us.

To download our manuals, technical brochures and other supporting documents please visit: Downloads