External Gear Pumps

The Gear type pump range, known as 'G' type in our product names, refers to Albany's family of External Gear Pumps. Our pumps are available as either horizontal, vertical or tank top mounted units. You will find in our product range a multitude of styles, listed from A-X, which refer to the applications of that specific pump. We also supply External Gear pumps from brands such as Crown Pumps, Barclay Kellett and Stanhope Engineers ranges.

Why choose an External Gear Pump?

External gear pumps are often used as lubrication pumps in machine tools, in fluid power transfer units, and as oil pumps in engines. As this specific type of pump's gears rotate, they create a suction and a void which is filled by fluid. This fluid is carried by the gears to the discharge side of the pump where it is displaced and 'pumped out'. Tighter internal clearances provide for a more reliable measure of liquid passing through a pump and for greater flow control. Because of this, external gear pumps are popular for precise transfer and metering applications involving liquids such as polymers, fuels, and chemical additives.


External Gear Pumps are robust and very reliable, meaning they require little maintenance. With a proven design that has worked time and time again for our customers, this type of pump is often praised for its compact design and power. With the capability to handle a range of temperatures and fluid types, it has been found to work in a host of situations - as you can see from our External Gear Pump case studies. The ability to customise this pump allows the customer to buy a machine that really suits their business needs. Albany manufacture a huge range of these pumps for a matter of purposes, including pumping:
  • Hot asphalt and molten sulphur
  • Lubrication & fuel oils
  • High temperature liquids
  • Viscous resins
  • Fire foam compounds
  • Molasses
  • Fluids that cause corrosion
Performance of an External Gear Pump:
  • Starting at 5 litres per minute (L/min) our pumps can go up to 2000 L/min (120 m3/hr)
  • Can hold liquids of temperatures up to 320 degrees celsius
  • Pressures of up to 40 bar
  • Viscosity of up to 250,000 cst
  • Options for Spur, Single or Double Helical Gears