Power Generation Demands Don’t Phase Albany

Albany GC style pumps continue to be selected by power stations and power station equipment OEM’s as the prime supplier of pumps for critical fuel and lubrication requirement in power generation in all Continents. The specifications are exacting and the pumps have proved themselves in the long life continuous running duties of various units in […]

Direct Replacements For Long-Lived Pumps

Albany’s vertical CA centrifugal pumps have seen many years of duty at airfield locations in the UK and elsewhere after being selected by a number of specialist installers of fuel tanks, pumps, pipe work and associated equipment. When the time has come to finally replace the pumps, Albany have been able to supply drop in […]

Stripped For Action

A major oil company selected an Albany SA twin screw pump as the best solution for oil terminal loading arm stripping duties. The Albany pump unit fully meets all the specifications of the world renowned company. The pump is driven by a variable speed drive linked to a low NPSH programmed control system. Albany’s twin-screw […]

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Since 1999, when Albany purchased the Stothert & Pitt screw pump division we have been supplying spares, engineering modifications and manufacturing new pumps world-wide. An enquiry from a Petro-chemical facility in the UK lead to Albany manufacturing a new duty/standby pump to operate in conjunction with one originally supplied back in 1967.The pump, our SC-SS350 […]

Albany’s Water Powered Foam Pump Range Grows

Used offshore and on big storage and loading areas in the oil & gas industry Albany’s 3” foam concentrate GE style pump is a real winner. The water powered pump offers economy and greatly reduced space requirements. This is critical for offshore fire protection. The unit supplies 600l/m at up to 18 bars pressure with […]

High Pressure Pumps Supplied To The Oil Industry

Albany have supplied several GT style, very high pressure suction pumps (63 bars) to a USA customer, for an application in the oil industry in Central Asia, the pumps handle crude oil. Material integrity is assured by the use of solid block materials with a heavy duty Burgmann mechanical seal to seal the shaft. The […]

Compact Auxiliary Oil Pump Gets An Upgraded Design Spec

Having worked with the Oil & Gas industries for over 50 years, Albany Pumps got involved in GEC Alsthom Pazman Diesels of Colchester’s upgrade when they identified a need for a more compact oil pump. Albany’s engineering team received a new request for recommendations from Paxman marine and industrial, having previously used motor-driven screw pumps […]

Communication Network Powered With Help From Albany

A major power projects Company in the UK are supplying equipment to a generator set builder in the Middle East using Albany pumps in the bulk fuel system. They ensure that numerous remote transmission stations in a communications system never run out of fuel. Albany Standard Pumps, GN-40130, incorporates flameproof single phase motors to meet […]