Two Drifters Distillery

Pumping Molasses at the Two Drifters Distillery

Albany Pumps have a long history of pumping molasses, which is a surprisingly difficult fluid to deal with.  We’re delighted that we have a new customer using an Albany AP09 gear pump to pump molasses in their distillery.  The ‘Two Drifters Distillery’ in Exeter is making rum and stands out from the crowd with their […]

Sandwich Saucery

Albany’s Stanwin range of stainless steel pumps have helped Promotec, Albany’s appointed Dutch agent, to achieve good results in Holland’s food industry. In one application, a manufacturer of food processing machinery was developing a sandwich assembly machine for one of its customers. Part of the requirement was an automatic system to dispense a precise quantity […]

Confectionary Gear Pumps Get The Thumbs Up From Manufacturers

Up to 20 years after their installation at the Norwich works of Rowntree Chocolates, rotary gear pumps that had been supplied by Barclay Kellett of Bradford were taken out of service. Fit for many more years of operation, they we re-installed at Nestle’s York, Halifax and Newcastle factories. Under the Barclay Kellett design, Albany Engineering […]

Confectionary Manufacturers Look For Simple And Effective Pump Solutions

Albany Pumps have found that many of their customers have, prior to working with Albany, adopted screw-pattern pumps for handling molten chocolate. However, in-service problems with bearings and seals led to heavy running costs. One user reported that his screw pumps had to be stripped and serviced weekly. Low maintenance costs brought a pump manufactured […]

Albany Pumps Help Manufacturers Cook The Doughnuts

Freshly-cooked doughnuts are an enticing weapon in the supermarkets’ drive for market share. Tesco equipped a number of its stores with machines to deep fry the dough portions. Albany Pumps are supplying two major commercial cooking equipment manufacturers with pumps for the hot oil, which is filtered and re-circulated back into the frying tank. As […]