Albany Pumps Help Manufacturers Cook The Doughnuts

Freshly-cooked doughnuts are an enticing weapon in the supermarkets’ drive for market share. Tesco equipped a number of its stores with machines to deep fry the dough portions.

Albany Pumps are supplying two major commercial cooking equipment manufacturers with pumps for the hot oil, which is filtered and re-circulated back into the frying tank. As supermarket floor and counter space is valuable, the machines needed to be compact.

Albany supplied GN pumps to one manufacturer and similar-sized units to the other. Both models are cast iron gear pumps with close-coupled motors from the GN range.

Special measures had to be taken to ensure that heat from the oil was not conducted through the pump to cook the motor as well. Accordingly, the pumps incorporate a thermal barrier to avoid metal to metal contact between pump and motor.

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