Albany Gear Pump working on compressor lubrication

Lubricating Compressors

We’ve just received some photographs of Albany GC type OEM Gear Pumps lubricating compressors.  Some of these units are on off shore vessels, some located in oil and gas sites and some in power plants.  Some pumps are in enclosures to reduce noise levels, and they are generally running around 90-100°C.  We have many years […]

Lubrication Gear Pump

Lubrication Pump Problem Solved

Albany supply many gear pumps for OEM lubrication duties, this example being on a refrigeration compressor for a large company processing salad. We had reports that there was a problem, possibly with the pump. Albany Service Engineers attended and working with the site engineers established that the complex control system for the lubrication circuit, which […]

Warehouse Fire

Fast Turnaround On Oil Heat Treatment Fire

Fast response by Albany’s Bradford subsidiary helped a Bradford firm restart production quickly after a serious fire. Disaster struck the customer, a manufacturer of metallic fastenings for the motor industry, when an oil heat treatment line was gutted by fire. The company quickly redesigned the process to prevent a recurrence, but urgently needed nine large […]

Albany Crown Type Gear Pump Chosen By Re-Tec

Albany GX Crown type gear pumps were selected by Re-Tec Manufacturing of London for a pivotal role in their design of packaged processing unit for production of fuel from waste oils. The waste, a random mix of lubricating oil and kerosene, is heated, centrifuged, filtered and blended to produce a constant viscosity and calorific value […]

Long Life Pumps Have Power To Give Double Service

Adding further to Albany’s reputation for durable products, a series of lube oil pumps are regularly returned to Lydney for overhaul. The type GT-AP120/AP130 pumps have been purchased for lube oil service on power station gas turbines. It is nothing unusual for the units being sent back to have seen 20 years use, with a […]

Swift Silent Delivery

Allen Gears, of Pershore, Worcestershire, were about to deliver a large gearbox when the unit was failed on the grounds of noise by the inspector sent by their French customer. The problem was traced to a lubricating oil pump. An out-of-hours call to Albany Pumps found the Managing Director still at his desk. He made […]

Direct Replacements For Long-Lived Pumps

Albany’s vertical CA centrifugal pumps have seen many years of duty at airfield locations in the UK and elsewhere after being selected by a number of specialist installers of fuel tanks, pumps, pipe work and associated equipment. When the time has come to finally replace the pumps, Albany have been able to supply drop in […]