Long Life Pumps Have Power To Give Double Service

Adding further to Albany’s reputation for durable products, a series of lube oil pumps are regularly returned to Lydney for overhaul. The type GT-AP120/AP130 pumps have been purchased for lube oil service on power station gas turbines.

It is nothing unusual for the units being sent back to have seen 20 years use, with a service history of nearly twice their design life of 37,000 hours maintenance free running. They are then remanufactured and sent back for another tour of duty.

The remanufacturing will involve checking all component parts and replacing where required.  Seals and bearings are always replaced.  After this, the pump will receive the same end of line performance test as a new pump and be painted, as shown in the picture.

Contact Albany if you want to discuss the refurbishment of any pumps you have.

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