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We’ve got history in the Marine Market…

Albany has supplied gear pumps to ships in the Maritime industry since the British Royal Navy purchased it’s first Albany Pump in 1903. Albany makes Twin Screw Pumps to Stothert & Pitt designs which find wide applications in naval ships, airbases, docks & re-fueling depots. Outputs up to 600 m3/hr with pressures up to 70 bars for burner applications are covered. Some furnace fuel applications use lobe pumps, which we also manufacture. These are also made to designs originally produced by Stothert and Pitt.

Albany Pumps now produce a new range of Twin Screw Pumps, the S range, which builds upon the traditional Stothert and Pitt designs. Small motorised & hand operated fuel pumps are also supplied for military vehicles. As well as Naval and military applications, other uses include:

  • Lubrication oil pumps
  • Fuel oil transfer (including helicopter re-fueling)
  • Fixed or portable pumps for bulk fuel handling,
  • Fuel oil burners
  • Pumping coolants (to cool radar and sonar equipment)
  • Cleaning liquids
  • De-icing
  • Foam pumps for fire fighting
  • Sea water transfer pumps on submarine trim systems

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