Two Drifters Distillery

Pumping Molasses at the Two Drifters Distillery

Albany Pumps have a long history of pumping molasses, which is a surprisingly difficult fluid to deal with.  We’re delighted that we have a new customer using an Albany AP09 gear pump to pump molasses in their distillery.  The ‘Two Drifters Distillery’ in Exeter is making rum and stands out from the crowd with their […]

Efficiency Of Sugar Deliveries Heightened By Hydraulic Pumps

Albany Pumps met a stringent specification when Intermol (a Carghill subsidiary) was looking for improved utilisation of molasses road tankers. A one tonne per minute delivery was demanded from the pumps, which also had to meet size and weight constraints. The type of stainless steel lobe pump previously used would have been too heavy and […]

An Engineered Work Of Art

An art gallery is one of the less likely places to find an industrial gear pump. However, an Albany 1/2in AP4* gear pump was used to power one of the exhibits in a show at the Tate Gallery, Liverpool. The piece, by Bolton-born Janet Hodgson, contrasted a 2m cube of white sugar with a constant […]