Two Drifters Distillery

Pumping Molasses at the Two Drifters Distillery

Albany Pumps have a long history of pumping molasses, which is a surprisingly difficult fluid to deal with.  We’re delighted that we have a new customer using an Albany AP09 gear pump to pump molasses in their distillery.  The ‘Two Drifters Distillery’ in Exeter is making rum and stands out from the crowd with their negative carbon footprint.  Molasses is a key ingredient in rum and gives it a distinctive colour and flavour.

Gemma Wakeham, CMO & Director of Two Drifters Distillery said:

“Our new molasses pump from Albany has been an absolute game changer with how we produce our rum. We’re now able to move molasses quicker, cleaner and with less people, we’re even able to get two batches on in a day when before it took us all day to do one. It’s also very compact and fits in nicely under our equipment.”

You can read more about the distillery here.  And don’t just read about it………..why not try some?

Albany AP09 pump for molasses


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