Albany Pumps aims to offer our customers high quality products with excellent performance and as such, all our products come with a Standard 12 months Warranty. This Standard Warranty can be extended and we encourage our customers to speak to us if you are interested in the option of extending.

With over 100 years of experience in pump design and manufacture, we have a great deal of know-how about real-life situations. And with our latest innovations and Customer Support Teams in place, we have the drive and enthusiasm to ensure you have all the support you want – at the level you wish for.

We have engineers who can make regular site visits and support by email or telephone. Options include vibration monitoring check, bearing temperature check, noise level check and visual inspection. Speak to us to agree the level of support you require for your Albany Pumps.

The standard warranty is provided with the pump. For pricing and full details of other options, please contact us on +44 (0) 1594 842 275 Service and Repair (Option 2). A Freephone number is given to customers wanting longer warranties ensuring free and immediate access.

For more information please contact our Customer Support Manager: service@albany-pumps.co.uk