SX – Custom Screw Pumps


The Albany Screw Pump range is a highly customisable product range. It covers a wide range of duties and we have specially designed software to guide our pump selection. The software will adapt to different conditions including fluids, viscosities, pressures and flow rates.  Below is a list of typical customisations that we make, but you should not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and additional changes we can make to suit your application.


  • There is a large range of basic sizes of pump and each pump comes with up to six different screw pitches.  This allows us to adjust flows very accurately even within the confines of standard induction motor speeds.
  • Albany Screw Pumps are available with and without relief valves
  • Some pump sizes are available with steam or oil heating jackets
  • A wide range of pump body materials are available, including but not limited to: cast iron, cast steel, gunmetal, stainless steel, Hastealloy and Super Duplex.
  • Shafts can be EN57, EN56, or EN9 chrome plated.
  • Pumps can be made to API682 sealing systems.
  • A wide range of mechanical seals can be specified.  Our customers often tell us their preference of seal supplier.
  • Pumps can be vertically orientated and have a variety of different flanges, ports and mounting arrangements.
  • That's just the beginning: let us know your special requirements and we will develop a pump with you.