GD – Duplex Pump Sets

    • Summary:

      The GD range provides a ready made baseplate mounted twin pump system, with a main pump and a standby. When ordered, the product arrives on a baseplate ready to go with twin pumps, filters and suitable plumbing.

      Suited to:

      There are many applications for the GD series of Duplex Pumps.  Typical are roof mounted generators, high rise air conditioning, hospital incinerators, day tanks and boiler feeds.


      • Robust motorised pumps.
      • TEFC electric motors for three phase of single phase supply at 50 or 60 Hz.
      • Eexd Atex pump sets for hazardous areas
      • Auto changeover control panels
      • In export markets, these units are sometimes known as ‘pump stations’ or ‘double stations’
      • Duplex filters available

      Technical talk:

      Some of the technical information for our GV range can be found below:
      • Flow rates up to 217 litres per minute.  Enquire for larger units which are always possible.
      • Typically up to 10 bar