LX – Custom Lobe Pumps


Lobe Pumps are smooth running elegant pumps.  They are quiet and the fluid path through an Albany lobe pump makes them ideal for shear sensitive fluids.  Their design allows high outlet pressures and long service lives.  They are well suited to high viscosity fluids and either used with 4,6 or 8 pole induction motors or geared motors for the slower running speeds.


Albany's lobe pumps are highly customisable.  Here are some different aspects of the pump which can be customised:
  • Materials.  A huge range available, including cast iron, steel, stainless steel, bronze and Super Duplex
  • With and without relief valve
  • Different sealing arrangements including packed glands or mechanical seals.  We can use a wide range of commercially available mechanical seals and our customers often tell us their preference
  • Heating.  The compact shape of a lobe pump lends itself well to heating, which can be steam, oil or electric.
  • Bare shaft or coupled.
  • Different mounting arrangements.
  • We can always review your special requirements for additional customisation - just contact us to discuss.