SB – External bearing pumps


This is a similar pump style to Albany's SA, but allows for a greater choice of sealing arrangements including API676 types and higher temperature and pressure operation. Again, with various heating options and internal relief valve choice, the range comes with a flexible sealing concept and complete heating jacket options. The range is best suited for more abrasive applications.


  • Maximum working pressure 30 barg
  • Pump size range 3" - 10"
  • Flow rate approximately 10-600M3/HR
  • Maximum temperature: 200 degrees Celsius


Our SB range of pumps are typically suited for pumping non-lubricating and high viscosity liquids at pressure and elevated temperature.

Technical talk:

  • Fitted with hardened timing gears and locating bearings ensuring no contact between the screws.
  • Shaft stiffness maximised by the screw design
  • Hydraulic balance

To find out more about our SB range of pumps, download our specific technical brochure:

Our Warranty

Our support offerings range from basic technical support to options including direct access to senior support engineers and customised delivery. Many of our pumps come with extended, even lifetime, warranties, with tailored support packages. Simply choose the level of support your business requires. Depending on the package you choose, you’ll receive regular maintenance visits, gain access to engineers directly for one-to-one support by email or telephone, and enjoy a range of other benefits.