Swift Silent Delivery

Allen Gears, of Pershore, Worcestershire, were about to deliver a large gearbox when the unit was failed on the grounds of noise by the inspector sent by their French customer. The problem was traced to a lubricating oil pump.

An out-of-hours call to Albany Pumps found the Managing Director still at his desk. He made a quick check of stock components and by 6.30pm was able to offer a suitable, quiet running GG-AP090 double helical pump to deliver 150 l/m at 7 bars.

By 10.00am the next morning Albany’s Sales Office had produced a quotation and the order had been received. The pump, which operates at 80dbA at 1500-1800 rpm on light lube oils, was delivered to Pershore, two days after the problem arose.

The gearbox was passed as satisfactory that day and Allen Gears was able to meet the shipment date for the gearbox, with its eventual destination at a power station in the People’s Republic of China. Albany subsequently delivered three more pumps to schedule, allowing the rest of the order to be satisfied.

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