Confectionary Manufacturers Look For Simple And Effective Pump Solutions

Albany Pumps have found that many of their customers have, prior to working with Albany, adopted screw-pattern pumps for handling molten chocolate. However, in-service problems with bearings and seals led to heavy running costs. One user reported that his screw pumps had to be stripped and serviced weekly.

Low maintenance costs brought a pump manufactured by Albany’s subsidiary, Barclay Kellett of Bradford, back into vogue with confectionary manufacturers. Many of Albany’s customers realised the virtue of simplicity and looked to install a pump which was the industry’s mainstay for two decades – Barclay Kellett’s 228T, rotary gear pump (now called the LA range).

Designed specifically for confectionary, the LA style pump is a jacketed, hot waterheated pump in 1.5in, 2in and 3in sizes. Available in stainless steel or cast iron, it has a special lubricated bearing arrangement and packed glands.

The LA’s slow speed operation contributes to a notably long service life and low maintenance. It normally runs at 80 RPM, but can be run much slower; one confectionery manufacturer operates the pump successfully at 20 RPM, pumping bicarbonate slurry.

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