Sandwich Saucery

Albany’s Stanwin range of stainless steel pumps have helped Promotec, Albany’s appointed Dutch agent, to achieve good results in Holland’s food industry.
In one application, a manufacturer of food processing machinery was developing a sandwich assembly machine for one of its customers. Part of the requirement was an automatic system to dispense a precise quantity of sauce onto the meat or cheese filling.

A pair of Albany/Stanwin GJ (formerly known as the Stanwin model 323) pumps proved capable of self-priming from a drum and delivering the sauce to a nozzle on the sandwich machine. In tests Stanwin pumps have proved reliable. They are accurate and repeatable over the wide range of flows needed by the recipes and by the sandwich production rate.

Though not specifically a hygienic pump, the Albany/Stanwin GJ has proved popular in food applications because it is very easy to dismantle for cleaning. It forms an alternative to conventional lobe pumps and has multiple seal options to suit a range of fluids.

Albany’s Dutch agent, Promotec of Hilversum is a dedicated marketing organisation, distributing imported pumps. Most of its customers are in the chemical and petro-chemical industries and its specialities include plastic, stainless steel and seal-less pumps, including magnetic drive and canned motor types. It also assembles packaged pumps, with drives and baseplates to customer requirements.

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