New Pump Ranges Boost Performance Envelope

Albany has reengineered the Crown and Stanhope pump types to make them more economic, easier to maintain and with wider operating limits. Three new ranges of general purpose industrial gear pumps have merged these pump types.

The new GN pumps (formerly known as 25, 40 and 56 Series) are designed for medium and intermittent operation on fluid viscosities from molasses to solvents. They are ideal for a wide range of applications on machines, vehicles, plants and processes.

Standard pumps in the ranges run at up to 10 bar, from 100 to 1725 rev/min and at temperatures from 0°-95°C. However, high performance versions are available to run at up to 3000 rpm and 200°C.

Ten sizes of gear pump are offered, with deliveries from 4.2 l/min at 10 bar from the smallest GN25373 up to 280 l/min, also at 10 bar, to the largest. The pumps are self priming, with constant, non-pulsating flow and an excellent vacuum performance.

The design is compact and robust, with cast iron casings, steel shafts and steel spur rotors; double helical rotors are available on the largest pump sizes. Bearings are normally plain cast iron, with bushings also available to suit various applications.
Sealing is by packed glands as standard, though lip or mechanical seals can be substituted, and the pumps are protected by internal, adjustable relief valves.

The new Albany GN pumps are individually tested, and available at short lead times in motor drive, foot mounting and flange mounting patterns.

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