Diesel Powered Fire Foam Pump

Diesel Powered Fire Foam Pumps for Africa

Reliability is paramount for the fire services. The use of a diesel powered foam injection pump as a stand by pump is one way of avoiding interruption from power cuts. Albany Pumps have supplied many diesel powered foam concentrate pumps and recently made a pair of such pumps for a contract in Africa, as can be seen in the photograph taken by one of our sales engineers.

The packages were supplied complete with control panel, battery tray and fuel tank. As is usually the case, batteries were sourced locally. These pumps will need to be test run regularly to ensure that they are always ready for duty when required.

An alternative is to use a pelton wheel powered pump. This uses a small part of the main flow of water to power the foam concentrate pump with a pelton wheel.

A pelton wheel pump made by Albany does not present any risk of interrupting the main flow of water as there is no mechanism placed in it. There is merely a tapping to take a small part of the main flow.

At Albany Pumps, we are always ready to discuss all options for supplying foam concentrate to find the best solution for each application.

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