Pelton Wheel Pump

Albany Offers Pump Sets For Smaller Fire-Fighting Units

Albany’s GE and GF range of foam concentrate pump sets includes 1/2in and 3/4in, Pelton wheel-driven units. These sizes are designed for lower capacity fire fighting applications, such as equipment for helicopter decks.

These water-powered gear pumps will dose fluoroprotein, AFFF or detergent concentrates from drums or bulk into a high pressure water stream. Able to handle thixotopic liquids when running at normal speed, they may also be used at low speed to fill tanks and barrels.

The range now includes six sizes of pump, with deliveries from 0.25 – 13m³/hr at pressures up to 20 bar. Gunmetal-cased, the pumps have bronze rotors and stainless steel shafts, smaller sizes being supplied as compact, close-coupled assemblies. A separate, higher capacity range of baseplate or skid-mounted turbine drive units is available with deliveries up to 72 m3/hr at 12 bar; these are in wide use for naval and fire-fighting. Albany also engineers special water turbine pump sets, with alternative materials and seal types, as well as air motor, steam turbine or flame-proof drives.

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