Modular Pump For Bitumen Runs Quietly

Development of the well-established Albany range of helical rotor, heated bitumen pumps has produced a new generation of quieter, smoother, leak free pumps.

Ideal for applications handling rosin and wax, the GB range is designed for quick assembly to specific requirements. Pump parts are interchangeable throughout the range, allowing common spares holding. Pump capacities are from 200 – 1200 l/min at temperatures up to 220ºC, with branch sizes from 1.5in to 6in.

The advanced design of double helical rotor has reduced both hydraulic and mechanical noise. In addition, bellows mounting of the inlet and outlet connections allows pipework expansion and eases pipe alignment.

Relief valves are fitted, while a special mechanical seal minimises seepage and incorporates a thermostatic trip which will inhibit pump starting if bitumen temperature is too low. The seal can be removed without dismantling pipework, for easy in-situ servicing.

The design has a cast iron body, with cast steel as a high temperature option. It comes with electric cartridge heaters as standard, with alternative connections available for steam or thermal oil heating.

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