New Screw Pumps at the Albany Factory

A batch of new Screw Pumps for Serbia

Behind the Scenes at the Albany Pumps factory in Lydney:

Here are five Twin Screw Pumps ready to be boxed up and shipped to Serbia where they will be used for pumping Diesel. These pumps are specified to run at 180m³/hr @ 5bar(g).

Albany Pumps have been making these quiet running, high speed pumps for over 20 years now. We have a wide range of sizes and by adjusting screw pitches and clearances, we are able to fine tune these pumps for our customers.

Our clients in the oil and marine markets have found a wide range of duties and applications for Twin Screw Pumps as they are capable of handling the wide range of viscosities that are often encountered with hydrocarbon liquids, as well as efficiently pumping them at a range of temperatures.

Albany Pumps took over the manufacture of the successful Stothert & Pitt brand in early 2000. We have significant experience and over the years we have also developed the design to create our own range of cost-effective and modern Albany Twin Screw Pumps. We do also have triple screw pumps currently under research.

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