Albany Type Smc Replaces Vane Hope

A large size of Albany Type SMC pump has solved a long-standing problem for a customer in Scotland.

The company was experiencing frequent failures on vane type pumps, used to circulate a high viscosity, thixotropic polymer during the manufacture of synthetic adhesive.

The Company’s engineers looked for an alternative, capable of pumping 100,000cs viscosity at 150ºC and 10 bar. It needed to be variable speed, to give a flow range of 118 to 680 l/min.

Albany’s solution was to offer their 5in type GX-SMC gear pumps, with 8in branches, in SG iron. They were skid mounted with 30kW flameproof variable speed motors and controllers. Hardened pump rotors were supplied to give added strength and wear resistance.

The result was completely satisfactory and several units are now in successful operation. The pump sets were supplied through Albany’s Scottish service and repair centre.

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