Twin Screw Pump

One Twin Screw Pump Fits Seven Different Applications

Dow Corning issued the help of Albany Pumps to tender for a pump that had seven different duties. These varied in viscosity, flow, temperature and pressure. Originally sceptical that it could be done with one pump we found that Albany’s SB111 Twin Screw pump with a variable speed drive could match the duties required. Due to the high temperature involved double seals with a pumped, water cooled sealing system was necessary.

The customer is pleased with the results from the twin screw pump as the final product contained very little entrained gas.  Albany continues to have great success with our range of twin screw pumps, which have been developed from the original Stothert and Pitt designs inherited when Albany took over S&P in 1999.  The original designs had a fine reputation for reliability and Albany can manufacture almost any Stothert and Pitt pump from the original drawings.  The pump supplied to Dow Corning was one of Albany’s own twin screw pumps, developed from the original designs with many improvements for manufacture.

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