Size 111B Twin Screw Pump for use in a Chemical Factory (M16/306)

The requirement was for a pump that could cover seven different duties including solvent cleaning.

  • Output between 4.0 to 56 m3/hr.
  • Viscosity varies between 0.55 – 5000 cp.
  • Differential pressure varies between 1.44 to 8.05 bar.
  • Speed is variable from 140 to 1590 rpm

Temperature varies between 25 C to 180 C, with the ability to keep the pump sealed up to 300c on single occasions.

The external bearing pump was fitted with a double twin cartridge seal each end. The pump was fitted with a pumped seal system each end. The seal system is water cooled and has pressure and temperature sensors in the loop.

The pump has a cast steel body with steel shafts and a integral relief valve. It was supplied with a baseplate, coupling and an explosion proof electric motor suitable for variable speed drive.

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