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Slippery soap solution cleaned up by HD060 pump (M16/778)

As a high-volume manufacturer of soaps and other personal care items, PZ Cusson’s Imperial Leather factory encountered some “sticky” situations over the years. Liquid soap is unwelcome on factory floors and Cussons, manufacturers of the famous Imperial Leather range, were experiencing rather too much of it at their Nottingham factory. Thorough investigation revealed that a stainless steel lobe pump in the factory regularly developed trouble with its seals.

Having heard of Albany Pumps before, PZ Cussons turned to Albany Pumps for a pump solution. Albany Pumps were asked if they could supply a pump which would cope with the duty, withstand steam purging and stay soap-tight. Our team of technical engineers evaluated the requirement and recommended a standard cast iron 3in HD060 pump with a mechanical seal – at much lower cost than the lobe pump. The order was placed and the pump delivered with ease.

Cussons’ plant engineers were surprised by its small size and frankly sceptical that it could handle the duty. However, the HD060, offering high performance in a compact package, not only achieved the required delivery but has needed little attention since installation. Cussons engineering staff were convinced, and specified the same model pumps for a plant they built in Nigeria.

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