edible oil producer

Success keeps flowing for edible oil producer (M11/701)

Albany’s skill in handling all types of fluids came in useful when we, in 1995, supplied 26 pumps to a world famous company producing edible oils, against strong competition from stainless steel rotary lobe pumps. Our pumps are resilient by design and feature an unmatched reliability. Once fitted they worked at 940 RPM against a 25psi discharge head, with flooded suction 2 metres maximum at ambient temperature. The pumps were used to pump various light to medium oil cargo, up to 250 cst oils but pumping at flow rate of up to 2400 Gallons/hr.

The pumps used feature a 4.0kW and have a gear size of AP100. Our solutions are always manufactured to British Standard 10 Table ‘D’ flanges in 1 / ” size and are available in cast iron with double helical carbon steel rotors, nitride steel shafts and long life bearings. Copper and copper bearing alloys are not present. To date, the pumps we installed in 1995 are still working 24/7 in the company with minimal spare parts necessary, providing a low maintenance solution.

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