Gear Pumps lubricating air compressor

Albany Pumps lubricating large air compressors

Albany have a long history supplying GC type gear pumps for lubricating large air compressors.  These are bespoke OEM pumps, designed to their customers requirements and are expected to run for long lives in remote locations.  In the photo, you can see two Albany pumps which have been made in a vertical arrangement to optimise […]

3D Printer for Pump Parts

3D Printing at Albany Pumps

Albany have recently acquired a new 3D printer to help with the process of making new products and modifications to existing products.  It has started making new prototype parts immediately.  These parts give all staff a chance to see quickly what new proposed products look like and get a feel for the parts, which can […]

Albany customised centrifugal pump

Highly customised Pump built by Albany

We’d like to show you an example of a highly customised pump made by Albany. This is a vertical centrifugal pump, built with an ABB ATEX approved motor, and has a pressure switch and gauges. It is intended for use by a bulk metering company on aviation fuel. This is typical of the type of […]

Albany GJ Dispensing Pumps

Albany GJ Dispensing Pumps delivering Honey

This picture shows a line of new 200 series Albany GJ dispensing pumps in a new application dispensing honey.  12 jars of honey are filled at a time on a conveyor in an automated process. The GJ type of pump is suited to applications like this throughout the food and pharmaceutical industries, not to mention […]

Albany edm machine

EDM Machine for Albany

Albany has recently purchased an EDM machine (electrical discharge machining).  This is an Agie Charmilles machine, and is ideally suited to making Albany’s most precise components, especially gears.  Here we can see our R&D Manager working on the machine. The benefits that Albany will see from using this machine are: The machine will make components with […]

Fire industry applications

Simplified specification approach for the Fire Industry

Albany Pumps, a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps in the UK, has made it simple and easy to specify and purchase the most appropriate pump for engineers building and maintaining fire-fighting installations.  The company has extensive experience in supplying a range of foam concentrate gear pumps and has now created an easy to use […]

Albany Pumps Online Configurator

New Website and Technical Brochures

Albany Pumps, a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps in the UK, has launched a brand new website.  Designed with flexibility mind, the new website will help customers, agents & distributors understand the range of products made by Albany and how they can help with pump problems. We are proud to be investing in a […]