Solar Power at Albany Pumps

The Albany Pumps factory is a big consumer of electricity as our factory is filled with CNC machines, all busy making our gear, screw and lobe pumps. Albany has now made a big investment in solar panels which can be seen on the roofs of the Albany buildings at Lydney. The panels started working on the 8th of May 2022 and two months later, they have already saved 7.5 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to the planting of almost 350 trees. In good conditions, the panels will supply more than half the electricity needs of the factory. Overall, around 2/3rds of the electricity produced is used by Albany and 1/3rd is exported back to the grid. With current electricity prices, there is no doubt that this has been a good move for Albany.

The panels have a control system mounted inside the factory. There’s a web based system that gives real time data on electricity generation and use and also gives comprehensive data on the electricity saved by the system since installation.

The system was installed by locally based Forest Eco Systems. Have a look at their website: They’re doing some amazing work installing not just solar panels but also heat pumps and other systems to all sorts of buildings. They’ve installed more than 2000 solar panels and close to 200 heat pumps so we know that they’re the right team to be working with.

Albany have also made a big investment in new windows for the factory and offices and these are helping to reduce energy consumption and also make the buildings lighter and more pleasant to work in.

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