Pump spares

Our Customer Services department can help provide spares and accessories as required. We hold a healthy stock of product and can normally supply Pump Spares from stock for our current ranges. For Albany Gear pumps, we are often asked to supply spare rotors, shafts and seal kits.

Albany took over the Stothert and Pitt ranges of pumps. We manufacture spare parts for their twin screw pumps, lobe pumps and centrifugal pumps. Many parts can be supplied. Examples are as inner and outer rotors and liners for the lobe pumps, and screws and seals for the screw pumps. Albany Pumps hold the original drawings and materials sheets for the Stothert and Pitt Pumps, giving a unique capability to find information on the pump’s original construction.

We have long memories!

We can also supply spares for many of our older products. Our pumps are very reliable and it is not unusual for us to be asked to supply spare parts for a pump made decades ago. Even occasionally back to the 1930s! If you are looking for parts for an older pump, don’t hesitate to ask as there isn’t much we can’t supply spares for.

We supply spare parts for the Albany Centrifugal CA range of pumps. For these, we generally supply seal kits, impellers and shafts and occasionally volutes.

Refurbishment Service

For all of our pumps, we offer a competitive factory refurbishment programme. As an example, for a screw pump, this will include assessment of the condition of the pump body. After this, we will decide if it is necessary to rebore the body and manufacture special screws to match.

We can source motors to suit your application. Note that it may be possible to source a more efficient modern motor than that originally supplied. This might be of benefit to the user. Contact us to ask about this service.

All our pumps have their own unique serial number & providing it ensures that correct parts are provided.