Albany – now an employee owned company

After 120 years as a family owned business, Albany has become an employee owned company.

The Swaffield family have been at Albany since 1928 and Martyn Swaffield an employee, director and owner for nearly 50 years. In the last few years he has been looking to sell control to an Employee Ownership Trust and that took place on 1st April 2015. The employees are delighted that this has happened and wish Martyn all the best in the future. Although he has resigned from the company, he will be welcomed at any time and his expertise and knowledge will still be accessible and of great value to us.

Although the ownership has changed, the name of the company remains the same: The Albany Engineering Company Ltd, known as Albany Pumps. We will continue to serve you as Albany Pumps and promise to maintain all current operations, and to cement long term relationships with customers and suppliers, whilst seeking to upgrade computer systems and find other methods to serve you more efficiently.

Ownership of this kind is becoming very recognised across the world and it is known that both governments and customers alike look upon employee-owned companies very favourably as they are without threat of takeover and have a strong vision and structure for the future.

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