Stothert & Pitt Pumps Swell Order Book

Albany’s purchase of the manufacturing and marketing rights for the range of pumps previously made by Stothert & Pitt of Bath has resulted in substantial spares orders regularly received and many new pumps being delivered.

The SA/SB and SC range of centrifugal, lobe and screw pump designs has earned considerable respect in the process industries. They are reliable, practically unburstable and, in the case of the screw pumps, regularly give half a century’s service and more.

The pumps form an excellent match for Albany’s existing rotary gear & centrifugal products, extending the top end of the company’s pumping capability. SP pumps handle a wide range of viscosities, pumping fluids from seawater and petrol to heavy oils. Flows of up to 300m³/hr and pressures of 20 bar (70 bar for some of the smaller pumps) are available from the standard range.

The centrifugal pump range includes both horizontal and vertical types with capacities up to 300m³/hr and heads of up to 140m. A special vertical design is available for very small tank apertures. The vertical centrifugal pump range complies with API610 when constructed in steel or stainless steel.

The internal lobe pump range will add to Albany’s ability to handle high viscosity fluids such as molasses, giving deliveries up to 200m³/hr.

Twin screw pumps are available in vertical or horizontal patterns with a wide range of options to suit the application, including jacketed and sump-heated variants. They are manufactured in combinations of materials to suit the application, including cast iron and bronze. Steel and stainless steel models comply with API676.

Addition of these pump types gives Albany the widest range of positive displacement pumps available in the UK. The company can supply process pumps for deliveries from 1 l/m to 300m³/hr.

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