Fire industry applications

Simplified specification approach for the Fire Industry

Albany Pumps, a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps in the UK, has made it simple and easy to specify and purchase the most appropriate pump for engineers building and maintaining fire-fighting installations.  The company has extensive experience in supplying a range of foam concentrate gear pumps and has now created an easy to use brochure, clearly setting out each available pump by type, range and key capabilities. The new brochure helps customers, agents and distributors in purchasing pumps for their specific application. Albany Pumps fire industry pumps are used on fire trucks and fixed installations both off-shore and on-shore in the world’s oil and gas production and manufacturing industries, and in other hazardous areas where fire-fighting equipment is required.

Entitled ‘Foam Pumps for the Fire Industry’, this brochure provides detailed information about the company’s latest External Gear and Twin Screw pump ranges for the fire market. Downloadable from the website, it includes company information, technical details and the full product range.

In recent months Albany Pumps has updated its commercial offering to ensure agents and distributors have all solutions they need in one place. This dedicated Fire Industry brochure reflects the company’s new direction and helps customers navigate its comprehensive fire pumps range. Every Albany Pump on offer can be customised by our engineering experts, to assure customers that their purchase will meet their exact needs.

The foam pumps Albany offer are used for both off-shore and on-shore fire equipment. Our new brochure aims to make our product guidance simple and easy for the industrial audience to understand. It also helps customers to find the right solution for their application, whether that be for fire trucks and fixed installations, oil and gas production or manufacturing industries.

Albany Pumps supplies gunmetal or stainless steel cased foam concentrate gear pumps as well as twin screw pumps specifically designed for the Fire industry. The Albany range of foam pumps can be driven in a variety of ways. Electric motor drives, Pelton wheel drive and diesel engines are a common choice. When mounted in a fire tender, drive is normally by PTO but can also be via a hydraulic motor or a separate engine.

The new brochure is available to download here with printed versions available on request from

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