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New Website and Technical Brochures

Albany Pumps, a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps in the UK, has launched a brand new website.  Designed with flexibility mind, the new website will help customers, agents & distributors understand the range of products made by Albany and how they can help with pump problems.

We are proud to be investing in a new online resource for our customers.  When creating our website, we drew inspiration from customer feedback and, as a result, we’ve created a really impressive online resource for all sorts of useful tools and data including application databases and case studies. 

The platform’s design also makes it easier for users to search for pumps by industry, material, product type and product style, through the new Quick Pump Search.  The Quick Pump Search is easy to use and provides instant access to Albany’s wide pump range, acting as an immediate confirmation tool for those who know exactly what pump they’re looking for.

Albany Pumps has recently overhauled its comprehensive product range to provide a market-specific product offering. Pumps are available to suit a range of markets from Fire to Bitumen and even Food market needs. Also recognising a need to provide customers with a way to find their way through a range of pump solutions, Albany has defined pump names by pump and style with letters G (External Gear), S (Twin Screw), L (Internal Lobe) and C (Centrifugal) referring to their respective categories.

A fresh approach…

Since the company became employee-owned in 2015, the UK-based pump manufacturer has undertaken a comprehensive, strategic shift from its origins more than 119 years ago; from manufacturing positive displacement pumps to being a service-orientated supplier of many types of pump products. The new corporate philosophy forms part of this shift, reflecting the company’s strategic direction focusing on supporting its customers.

Albany Pumps’ new direction reflects an on-going change for the brand that started in the nineteenth century. This includes an alignment of the company’s extensive product portfolio and service offerings. The corporate website allows users to access an abundance of content at the click of a mouse, including full product catalogue, technical brochures, case studies and the latest company news. This re-shuffle also brings a new corporate brochure, plus a full suite of technical brochures, available to download from the website’s resources section.

Albany Pumps offers an extensive high quality range for a wide variety of industrial and process applications, including bitumen and foam concentrate options.  Designed and built in the UK, a choice of standard, customised and specialised pumps are provided to cater to a wide range of industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, marine, food and drink manufacturing and other applications. Albany Pumps products are manufactured to comply with relevant industry standards including ATEX, CE, BSi, VdS and APi.

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