Two Drifters Distillery

Pumping Molasses at the Two Drifters Distillery

Albany Pumps have a long history of pumping molasses, which is a surprisingly difficult fluid to deal with.  We’re delighted that we have a new customer using an Albany AP09 gear pump to pump molasses in their distillery.  The ‘Two Drifters Distillery’ in Exeter is making rum and stands out from the crowd with their […]

Diesel Powered Fire Foam Pump

Diesel Powered Fire Foam Pumps for Africa

Reliability is paramount for the fire services. The use of a diesel powered foam injection pump as a stand by pump is one way of avoiding interruption from power cuts. Albany Pumps have supplied many diesel powered foam concentrate pumps and recently made a pair of such pumps for a contract in Africa, as can […]

Lubrication Gear Pump

Lubrication Pump Problem Solved

Albany supply many gear pumps for OEM lubrication duties, this example being on a refrigeration compressor for a large company processing salad. We had reports that there was a problem, possibly with the pump. Albany Service Engineers attended and working with the site engineers established that the complex control system for the lubrication circuit, which […]

Stothert & Pitt Pumps Swell Order Book

Albany’s purchase of the manufacturing and marketing rights for the range of pumps previously made by Stothert & Pitt of Bath has resulted in substantial spares orders regularly received and many new pumps being delivered. The SA/SB and SC range of centrifugal, lobe and screw pump designs has earned considerable respect in the process industries. […]

Warehouse Fire

Fast Turnaround On Oil Heat Treatment Fire

Fast response by Albany’s Bradford subsidiary helped a Bradford firm restart production quickly after a serious fire. Disaster struck the customer, a manufacturer of metallic fastenings for the motor industry, when an oil heat treatment line was gutted by fire. The company quickly redesigned the process to prevent a recurrence, but urgently needed nine large […]

Slippery Soap Solution Cleaned Up By GA-HD060 Pump

As a high-volume manufacturer of soaps and other personal care items, PZ Cussons’ factory encountered some “sticky” situations over the years. Liquid soap is unwelcome on factory floors and Cussons, manufacturers of the famous Imperial Leather range, were experiencing rather too much of it at their Nottingham factory. Thorough investigation revealed that a stainless steel […]

Silicone Solution For Dow Corning

An Albany GX gear pump was installed at the Barry, Vale of Glamorgan plant of Dow Corning Limited to carry out a challenging duty. The company needed a pump which would cope with a 4–1 turndown ratio on a silicone process fluid of widely varying viscosity. The pump operates at 5 bar, maintaining the level […]

Albany Type Smc Replaces Vane Hope

A large size of Albany Type SMC pump has solved a long-standing problem for a customer in Scotland. The company was experiencing frequent failures on vane type pumps, used to circulate a high viscosity, thixotropic polymer during the manufacture of synthetic adhesive. The Company’s engineers looked for an alternative, capable of pumping 100,000cs viscosity at […]

Twin Screw Pump

One Twin Screw Pump Fits Seven Different Applications

Dow Corning issued the help of Albany Pumps to tender for a pump that had seven different duties. These varied in viscosity, flow, temperature and pressure. Originally sceptical that it could be done with one pump we found that Albany’s SB111 Twin Screw pump with a variable speed drive could match the duties required. Due […]

Cost Effective Solution For Hydrocarbon Pumping

Albany’s skill in handling problem fluids came in useful when a pump breakdown hit a York-based distiller of hydrocarbon products. A competitor’s centrifugal pumps were proving unable to handle ‘column bottoms’, a slurry containing hydrocarbon residues and solvents, collected from fractionating columns. Albany was asked by Essex Pumps of Sheffield to provide a cost effective […]